40+ Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Nail Designs

Valentine's Day Nail Designs

As February approaches, many women start to think about what they will do for Valentine’s Day nail designs. Valentine’s day is right around the corner, and whether you are planning a fun date with your partner or just pampering yourself, do not forget about your nails! And whether you have a date with your significant other or simply spend the night with your besties watching romantic movies, here are some lovely nail designs that celebrate the holiday of love.  

From glittery designs to bold statements, there is something for everyone. And there is no better way to celebrate love than with bright red nail polish. Also, Red is the color of passion, romance, and of course – love! 

There are so many options when it comes to Valentine’s nail art, and it can be a great project to work on at home. We have listed down some of the best Valentine’s Day nail art designs you can try this Valentine’s Day. So get your nail polish out and get ready to glam up your nails this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Nails with Heart Tips

Valentin's Day Nails with Heart Tips
Instagram / @nailsby_edith

If you’re looking for a unique manicure for Valentine’s Day, consider pointed nails with heart tips. Besides being romantic, these designs are also functional. You can use them to express your love to your loved one. 

 You only need two different nail polish shades- a nude and a red one. Use the nude as a base color, and then use the stunning red shade to create a more dramatic look. Your nails will attract attention as you make your way through the shops, looking for just the right gift to give your sweetheart.

Colorful Hearts Print

Valentine's Day Nails with Colorful Hearts Print
Instagram / @chalkboardnails

Adding a touch of love to your manicure can be done in various ways. Use nail polish with a heart print to create a pretty and romantic look. Whether you have a crush on a red or a sweetheart, there are several ways to incorporate heart designs into your look. 

For a romantic night out, you can choose a nude nail design with colorful heart stickers. This style is easy to make and doesn’t require nail art tools. If you want a more subtle pink design, you can also use pale pink nail polish with a gold heart stamp.

Use a nail-polish remover-soaked cotton bud to carve out the heart shape. If you’re in the mood for a softer, pink look, you can also add a black heart stamp over the top.

Valentine’s Day Long Stiletto Nails with Heart

Valentin's Day Long Stiletto Nails with Heart
Instagram / @cgoldnglam

Valentine’s day is a great time to try something new. Wear a pair of stilettos with heart accents. You can use red color schemes and use hearts to decorate your nails. Whether you’re looking for a subtle design or a bold statement, your nails can show your personality.

Choose a heart-shaped nail tip to add a sexy flair to your nails this Valentine’s Day. This feminine look is the perfect way to show your love and lust. This style is also very festive and reminiscent of the holiday. The heart pattern looks especially pretty on a pink or a blush nail. This style will look lovely on your hands and feet! You can get a similar effect by spicing your nails up with a little sparkle.

Valentine’s Day Nails with Love Print

Valentin's Day Nails with Love Print
Instagram / @nail_designsjournal

 This playful variation on the classic love design is the perfect way to show your love for someone special. This heart design is fun to wear because it isn’t too cutesy or girly, but it still shows your appreciation for your partner. To create this look, you’ll need a nail art pen or a striper and a soft pink nail polish. 

 These designs are an excellent choice for those who don’t want to commit to a complete nail design since the design can be easily adapted for smaller nails.

Short Stiletto Purple Valentine’s Day Nails

Short Stilett Valentin's Day Purple Nails
Instagram / @chelsgels

If you want to add a little sex to your Valentine’s Day outfit, why not go for short stiletto nails? You can wear it with just about any look, from jeans to a romantic evening gown. In addition, if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, you can even use them to show off your personality and style.

Fresh and vibrant, this short stiletto shape will put a little extra pep in your step. Bright purple polish brings out the shape of the nail, and with some embellishment, you’re sure to get compliments on your modern manicure. Whether you’re going for a coffin or almond shaped nails, purple is an excellent choice because it looks fantastic on nearly any type of nail.

Deep Red Metallic Valentine’s Day Nails

Deep Red Metallic Valentin's Day Nails
Instagram / @allure_nail_studio

Whether you’re going full-on glam or just trying to keep your manicure simple, you can show off your love for your significant other with these festive nails. Try a deep red metallic nail polish! It’s the perfect color for a holiday!

This look is very sensual and looks fantastic on a sexy mani! You can even draw ornaments on the nails to give them a 3D effect to make it extra special. It’s also great to show off a bold color that will be noticeable all year long.

Charcoal Nails with Gemstone Accent

Charcoal Valentine's Day Nails with Gemstone Accent
Instagram / @allure_nail_studio

You can create a glossy effect with a charcoal-like base color and an accent nail with a statement gemstone. This look is a great way to advertise your salon and offers a simple upsell. 

Choosing the right gemstones is essential. A simple method to place crystals on your nails is to use nail glue. This will work well with most acrylic gems but can damage the backing of the studs. It would help if you also used a quick-setting glue, but make sure to use it sparingly. The gems should be completely dry before you add any additional layers. The best way to do this is to buff your nails before adding the gems.

Light Pink and Marbled Valentine’s Day Nails

Light Pink and Marbled Valentine's Day Nails
Instagram / @chelsgels

It’s not hard to pull off light pink and marbled nails, thanks to the pink nail polish trend. The light and dark shades were introduced to the world in the 1950s, and the design has since grown in popularity. You can get hundreds of different shades of pink nail polish, so there’s a style for every occasion and mood. And the best part is that it’s cheap, easy to apply, and very durable.

Light pink and marbled nails are a fun, trendy trend made more stylish than ever. These two colors are so versatile and look fantastic with any color. In fact, many people choose to wear them together and even combine them for a more regal look. For a more casual look, pair your marbled nails with some white for a pop of color. If you’re not into this theme, you can always add a metallic rose gold accent to your manicure.

Light Pink and Red Nails

Light Pink and Red Valentine's Day Nails
Instagram / @allure_nail_studio

For a romantic, enchanting look, you should pair light pink with dark red nails. This combination is the epitome of chic and sexy. While either color can make a beautiful statement, black and red ombre are a stunning and unexpected combination. A skilled nail technician will know how to create this effect for a woman of any age.

If you’re feeling brave, you can try a bold light pink nail design. A red nail is a great way to draw attention and add an edgy touch to your look. Wear this combination for a date or just to feel daring. You will not regret it! You will be the envy of your friends and family when you show off these nails!

Valentine’s Day Nails with Cute Hearts, Rose and Kisses

Valentin's Day Nails with Cute Hearts , Rose and Kisses
Instagram / @chalkboardnails

 This Valentine’s Day manicure features love-inspired accents encased with different color polishes. A polka-dot design on the accent nail adds cute heart patterns that can look very dramatic. Whether you’re looking for a bold heart design or a light pink base, red lips will give you a chic and fun look no matter where you go.

You can even incorporate a small heart in your nail art to give the illusion of a heart. If you’re feeling creative, you can create your own Valentine’s Day card and use your nails as inspiration.

12 Valentine’s Day Mismatched Nails Art

Valentin's Day Mismatch Nails Art
Instagram / @nailsby_edith

Why will you not dress up your nails with some fun and flirty nail art? These designs look cute, but they are also versatile and work for any time of year. Using a striping brush, create horizontal lines beneath the cuticle. Use different pink shades, heart stickers, golden or glitter polish for extra style points to achieve a mismatched effect.

Using red and pink colors is a classic choice for Valentine’s Day, and this fun design makes it easy to match your outfit to your outfit! If you don’t know what to do, you can choose a more neutral color to add a little flair to your nails. Bold lacquers are the perfect choice for a bright, playful design. If you don’t want to stick with a simple nail design, you can also go for a gradient of two different colors or an ombre effect.

13 Light Pink Valentine’s Day Nails

Light Pink Valentin's Day Nails
Instagram / @ricekittynails

The Light Pink Valentine’s Day nail polish collection comes with a wide variety of nail designs. You’re not limited to the typical shades of pink and red – you can use any shade of color you’d like! In addition, choose from a variety of hearts stickers, such as letters of the word “love.” You’ll be sure to find the perfect look for the day of love.

 Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites! Here’s what they think. Of course, you can also visit the brand’s site to get more information about their products.

Elegant Stiletto Valentine’s Day Nails

Elegant Stiletto Nails for Valentin's Day
Instagram / @joannasnails

Whether you want to make your mani stand out from the rest or just want to give yourself a little oomph, there are endless options for this special holiday. One of my favorite nail designs is a metallic rose with glitter accents.  

To make the nails more intricate, you can add rhinestones, abstract detailing, or even stickers. This bold color can really put a smile on your face, and it’s a color that can be very flattering to most skin tones.

 You can also do a simple red heart or even a white nail with a red heart tip. Remember to avoid square nail shapes, though, as this won’t have the desired effect.

Classic Red Valentine’s Day Nails

Classic Red Valentin's Day Nails
Instagram / @joannasnails

If you’re looking for the perfect nail polish color for the most romantic day of the year, go for classic red Valentine’s Day nails. These designs are flirty and romantic, with a hint of glossy to keep the theme of love. 

Whether your man or woman is the one you’re after, a red manicure will always make a statement. If you’re into sexy, funky nail art, a Valentine’s Day manicure will make a girl feel good. Also, You can even create your custom nail art to express your feelings. 

Regal Valentine’s Day Nails

Regal Valentin's Day Nails
Instagram / @chalkboardnails

Valentine’s Day Nails with Love and Sparkles

Valentin's Day Nails with Love and Sparkles
Instagram / @ricekittynails

Pretty nails with Glitter Heart

Pretty Valentine's Day nails with Glitter Heart
Instagram / @nail_designsjournal

Red Tips and Negative Base

Valentine's Day Nails with Red Tips and Blush Base
Instagram / @ricekittynails

Stunning Yellow Coffin Nails

Stunning Yellow Coffin Valentine's Day Nails
Instagram / @joannasnails

Hot Pink Valentine’s Day Nails Design

Hot Pink Valentin's Day Nails Design
Instagram / @joannasnails

Cool Valentine’s Day Nails

Cool Valentine's Day Nails
Instagram / @nailsby_edith

Sky Blue Nails Art

Sky Blue Valentine's Day Nails Art
Instagram / @chelsgels

Bright Pink Coffin Nails

Bright Pink Coffin Valentine's Day Nails
Instagram / @joannasnails

Mismatched Short Coffin Nails

Mismatched Short Coffin Valentine's Day Nails
Instagram / @joannasnails

Nude and White Ombre Valentine’s Day Nails

Nude and White Ombre Valentin's Day Nails
Instagram / @joannasnails

Glittery Green Nails Art

Glittery Green Valentine's Day Nails Art
Instagram / @joannasnails

Yellow Valentine’s Day Nails with Rhinestone Accent

Yellow Valentin's Day Nails with Rhinestone Accent
Instagram / @joannasnails

Bright Blue Valentine’s Day Nails

Bright Blue Valentin's Day Nails
Instagram / @joannasnails

Valentine’s Day Nails with Floral and Heart Patterns

Valentin's Day Nails with Floral and Heart Patterns
Instagram / @katebonarnails

Valentine’s Day Nails with Red Dots and Hearts

Valentin's Day Nails with Red Dots and Hearts
Instagram / @ohnoitsruthio

Feminine Valentine’s Day Nails

Feminine Valentin's Day Nails
Instagram / @margaritasnailz

Subtle Valentine’s Day Nails Design

Subtle Valentin's Day Nails Design
Instagram / @margaritasnailz

Rose Print Nails Art

Rose Print Valentin's Day Nails
Instagram / @mypolishworld

Hot Violet Nails with Gemstone Accents

Hot Violet Valentine's Day Nails with Gemstone Accents
Instagram / @nailsby_edith

Bright Pink Valentine’s Day Nails

Bright Pink Valentin's Day Nails
Instagram / @nailsby_edith

Almond Shaped Valentine’s Day Nails

Almond Shaped Valentin's Day nails
Instagram / @nailsbybeff

Accented By Cute Heart

Valentine's Day Nails Accented By Cute Heart
Instagram / @nailsbybeff

French Mani for Valentine’s Day

French Mani for Valentin's Day
Instagram / @allure_nail_studio

Pink and White Ombre Nails

Pink and White Ombre Valentin's Day Nails
Instagram / @nailz_ann

Nails Art Metallic Purple and Matte Black Nails Art

Nails Art Metallic Purple and Matte Black Nails Art
Instagram / @nailz_ann

Valentine’s Day Nails with Funny Graphics

Valentin's Day Nails with Funny Graphics
Instagram / @ohnoitsruthio

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