40 Trendy Square Nail Design Ideas You will Love

Square Nail Designs

Square nail designs are one of the hottest trends in nail art right now. This simple shape makes it an excellent choice for beginners and experts alike. They can be as simple as a square or as wild as a 3D star or flower. Whatever your style is, you will surely get plenty of compliments with a square shape. 

For example, matte pinky nudes are another budding trend that you can try. These nails look girly and sleek on a square nail design and match any outfit. Plus, you can choose from endless shades of pink! For a truly glamorous look, try applying nail stickers and an airbrush to your nails. You can create an artful design in no time! You can even get creative by mixing and matching nail polish colors.

Another option for square designs is to try acrylic nails. This type of nail is artificial and is made up of acrylic powder and other solutions. It does not require any special effort and will give your hands a chic and sexy look. If you want to spice things up, you can add rhinestones or glitters. Here are a few great ideas for square nail designs.

Split Square Nails with Black and Negative Space

Split Short Square Acrylic Nails with Black and Negative Space
Instagram / @glambyaj

For a classic look, try applying foil outlines to your split nails. Using silver polish and a white dotting pen, create stripes across two-thirds of your pin. Finish with a shiny top coat. These nails will still look great even as they grow. 

The negative-space effect is similar to impressionist paintings, and it’s the perfect way to add some drama to your nails. You can then use a super-fine nail-striping brush to draw light dots. Remember, paint lightly, as the overlapping sections will bleed together.

Hot Yellow Square Nails Design

Hot Yellow Short Square Nails Design
Instagram / @nail_poisk

The look is definitely for summer. It is an easy design to apply to your nails and is sure to give you a unique and girly look. The yellow color is so bright that even your friends will wonder how you achieved it. For a fun accent, try adding rhinestones or some gold sparkle to it. Apply a gloss coat to make the color shine even brighter.

Pink Sexy Square Nails

Pink Sexy Tapered Square Nail Ideas
Instagram / @annailz

A perfect combination of asymmetrical shape and soft pink color makes for sexy nails. It’s a romantic color and a great way to hint at a potential romance. The tapered shape is safe from breakage, with the thumb kept in place to create a subtle homage.

Gems on the nails make them even cuter. For a more dramatic effect, opt for coffin nails. They go well with just about anything. In fact, they are one of the few designs that are guaranteed to get men’s attention.

Green French Nails

Green French Short Square Nails Design
Instagram / @by_hayle

There are many nail art styles, and a green French manicure can look amazing on any woman. Regardless of the occasion, green is a color that fits most girls. A talented nail artist can use green to decorate any nail shape with a design. When choosing a plan, consider the decor and style you want your nails to match. A green manicure will look great if you have a neutral tone in your room!

A green French manicure is perfect for spring. While many beauty minimalists stick to one or two bold colors, the arrival of spring can change everything. While you don’t have to make a statement with this color, changing your look is fun, even if it is just a simple pastel or neon.

Foil Square Nail Ideas

Foil  Acrylic Short Square Nail Ideas
Instagram / @raana_nailart

A warm silver-flecked nail will never go out of style. This type of foil looks falling and displays movement while highly versatile. Whether you choose gold or silver foil, you can customize your look to create your unique look. A few tips for achieving this look include using foil in different shapes and sizes and applying a black base coat to prevent the design from smudging.

If you’re unsure where to start, you can always start with a simple two-nail design. While this design might be too tricky for beginners, it looks great if you choose the right color combination and nail prep. 

Black French Tip Square Nails

Black French Tip Acrylic Short Square Nails
Instagram / @aliciatnails

Whether you are looking for an edgy, sexy look or want to add a touch of glam to your face, black French nails will never let you down. This style can be excellent for special occasions, especially since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. These nails look particularly good with nude nail polish and black for tips. To give yourself an idea of what they look like, look at the image above and go to a manicurist to get them done.

Pastel Gradient Nails

Pastel Gradient Short Square Nail Ideas
Instagram / @betina_goldstein

If you’re in the mood for a new nail design, why not try pastel gradient nails? These colors are perfect for summer as they look elegant and soft, blending seamlessly. In addition, pastel gradient nails are a great way to create the ideal shade palette, with rainbow colors on each nail. 

For a bold statement, use pink and orange. Creating this vibrant color combo is simple but requires a lot of patience.

Red Coral Square Nails Design

Red Coral Short Square Nails Design
Instagram / @by_hayle

You can make your nails look unique by combining red and coral shades in one design. This design is a great way to showcase a bold color and add sparkle to your hands. Alternatively, choose a different color for your accent nail to add extra pizzazz. You can also opt to decorate it with a small crystal or a pattern.

Metallic Navy Blue Tapered Square Nails

Metallic Navy Blue Long Acrylic Tapered Square Nails
Instagram / @nail_designsjournal

If you are a fashionista in nail design, a tapered square nail may be the best option. This design is simple enough to achieve, and you can do it yourself at home with the help of press-on nail sets or paint. In addition, using the right color and design will add instant glamor to your nails. Make sure to practice on a friend’s hand before trying a nail-art project.

If you are not a nail artist, you can use a navy blue manicure kit to create the look. You can also try to apply it yourself using a Q-tip or a pencil-like tool. Navy blue nails look great on young girls and women, but you should consider wearing a nail polish remover before going to an event if you’d rather not risk damaging your nails. You can also wear navy blue nails to formal events like weddings or office parties. A heavy layer of glitter will make this manicure perfect for evening parties and formal occasions.

Red French Nails with Heart Accents

Red French Square Nails with Heart Accents
Instagram / @ellesbeautyroom

If you’re looking for romantic manicure ideas, you might consider nails with heart patterns. These romantic designs are the newest trend on Instagram. Many celebrity manicurists and nail-art influencers have been sharing their favorite looks to add a touch of romance. 

You can replicate the look at home using nail polish or stickers. Use sheer nude nail polish to create the base for this look, and then apply two cute red hearts. To create a subtler look, you can also try red polka dots. These are most effective on nude or explicit bases.

Abstract Colorful Tapered Square Nails

Abstract Colorful Tapered Square Nail Ideas
Instagram / @chaunlegend

This style is versatile and fits in with almost any type. Listed below are some of the best ways to achieve this look. Rainbow bright colors are a beautiful combination that will blend in the swirls to increase visibility. These shades are great for medium tapered square nails and have soft tones that will not clash with other colors. 

These shades will not fade over time, and you can use them in multiple ways. For example, you can add flowers to the design to create an even more dramatic effect. The effect is incredibly eye-catching, so make sure you choose a neutral base color.

Matte Gradient Long Square Nails

Matte Gradient  Acrylic Long Square Nails
Instagram / @nail_designsjournal

These beautiful designs are simple yet striking. You can use any color to create a stunning look, and they are also perfect for everyday wear. If you are in the market for a new color, try one of the many options available. 

Whether you choose a neutral or matte color, you’re sure to look great. Just be careful not to choose a color that clashes with the rest of your outfit because this style can be pretty harsh. As well as, long square nails are a great way to add a bit of sexy sex appeal to your outfit. 

Daisy Purple Acrylic Short Square Nails

Daisy Purple  Short Acrylic Square Nails Art
Instagram / @essie

The daisy nail art design is easy to apply and can be very colorful. You’ll use a light lavender as the base nail color and white French tips to create daisy flower clusters. The daisy flower leaves are white, with a hint of yellow for the center disc. This design is subtle and funky at the same time. 

Formal Short Square Nails

Formal Red Short Square Nails
Instagram / @betina_goldstein

If you’re going to a formal event, red is one of the most popular nail polish colors for square nails. But, whether you’re heading out on the town with your significant other, a red square is a perfect way to bring it into the 21st century. While this style isn’t for the faint of heart, you can make it work with some bold choices.

These red squares remind us of Marilyn Monroe’s white dress. A classic red manicure does not get any better than this. You can also go for a red base coat with white and pink stripes to mimic a tweed-inspired look. A natural short base will look amazing with this shade of red.

XXL Beige Square Nails Design

XXL Beige Acrylic Long Tapered Square Nails Design
Instagram / @chaunlegend

A square nail looks especially good with a beige polish, associated with new beginnings, innocence, and purity. Another benefit of using a beige polish is that you can add a layer of color to create an ombre effect if you choose to do so.

Halloween Bloody Square Nail Art

Halloween Bloody Tapered Square Nail Art
Instagram / @chaunlegend

If you’re looking for a new Halloween look, consider giving your nails a little bloody square nail art this year. These fun designs are easy to apply and leave your nails looking spooky all night long. You can even add a ghost nail decal for a cute touch. A graphic black border gives the design a dark edge.

Last November, Megan Fox shared several Halloween-themed nail art looks in the past week. Her first one featured red drips on her fingers, her second featured x-ray effects of blood, and her third was an homage to Marvel character Venom.

Neon French Tip Nails

Neon French Tip Short Acrylic Square Nails
Instagram / @nail_poisk

Try neon French tips if you’re tired of your regular French manicure. First, apply a base coat to prevent the neon from chipping or smudging. Next, use a foundation shade. Depending on how opaque you want the nails to look, you may need to do a second coat. Apply the neon tips after the base coat is dry. When the neon tips have dried, apply the base coat and allow it to dry completely. This step will make your nails look perfectly neon!

While some women may find neon colors overwhelming, French tips give them a subtle way to experiment without completely covering their nails. You can even balance the look by applying a neutral or clear base coat.

Foil and Rose Winter Nails

Foil and Rose Winter Short Square Nails Idea
Instagram / @nail_designsjournal

You can opt for a gilded finish for this particular design to look a more elegant touch. Choosing a silver-foiled nail color is an excellent idea if you have a holiday party coming up. The trend is still strong this winter, so try to combine it with blush or a violet shade. The velvety look is also perfect for the season, so get a special nail polish kit. 

Blue Super Glossy Square Nails

Blue Super Pretty Short Square Nails Design
Instagram / @nail_poisk

White Long Square Nails with Marble

White Long Square Nails Designs
Instagram / @bellamysnails

Long Playful Square Nails Art

Long Playful Tapered Square Nail Art
Instagram / @chaunlegend

Fruit Square Nails Design

Fruit Square Nails Design
Instagram / @tiffshappynails

Glossy Blue and Zebra Nails

Glossy Blue and Zebra Acrylic Short Nails
Instagram / @nail_poisk

Glitter Nails with Plants

Glitter Square Nails with Plants
Instagram / @superflynails

Super-Cute Square Nails Art

Super Cute Short Square Nails Art
Instagram / @betina_goldstein

Glitter Red Acrylic Nails with Gemstones

Glitter Red Acrylic Square Nails with Gemstones
Instagram / @nail_designsjournal

Zebra, Wild and Cow Inspiration

Square Nails Designs - Zebra, Wild and Cow Inspiration
Instagram / @aliciatnails

White Classy Square Nails

White Classy Short Square Nails
Instagram / @essie

Olive Green Squoval Nails

Square Nail Designs - Olive Green Squoval Nails
Instagram / @essie

Cloudy Nails

Cloudy Blue Short Square Nails
Instagram / @essie

Stunning Orange Square Nails

Stunning Orange Short Square Nails
Instagram / @essie

Sky Blue and Pink Combination

Short Square Nail Design - Sky Blue and Pink Combination
Instagram / @aliciatnails

Cute Nails with Watermelon Print

Cute Square Nails with Watermelon Print
Instagram / @ellesbeautyroom

Brown Marble Tapered Square Nails

Brown Marble Tapered Square Nails
Instagram / @zack_pn

Ombre Square Nails Design

Ombre Long Square Nails Design
Instagram / @glambyaj

Square Nails with Colorful Spots

Square Nails with Colorful Spots
Instagram / @by_hayle

Pale Purple Daisy Nails

Short Acrylic Square Nails - Pale Purple Daisy Nails
Instagram / @nail_poisk

Grey French Manicure with White Tips

Square Nail Ideas- Grey French Manicure with White Tips
Instagram / @nail_poisk

Summer Square Nails Art

Summer Square Nails Art
Instagram / @tiffshappynails

Christmas Square Nails Design

Christmas Square Nails Design
Instagram / @raana_nailart

Mix & Match Joyful Nails

Mix & Match Joyful Nails
Instagram / @raana_nailart

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