40+ Best Spring Nail Design Ideas to Try in 2022

Spring Nails

As the weather starts to warm up, it’s time to start thinking about updating your look for spring nails. Nails are a perfect way to add some extra color and personality to your outfits. If you’re like me, you probably can’t wait to start wearing lighter colors and dressing in more spring-appropriate styles. I always love changing my beauty look in the spring, and nails are no exception. 

 Choosing spring nails can help you create a look that sets your artwork apart from everything else. Whether you’re looking for something professional or playful, there are plenty of great options to choose from. Here You’ll find a large selection of colors and designs made for easy on-the-go application. Also, there is an equally large selection of spring-type nails and kits to choose from. We understand how important it is to have an incredible image and how much detail goes into its elegant nails. 

For those nail art enthusiasts, take some time to browse through both to find what’s best for your designs. These are the most popular spring nails, according to Instagram customers!

Split Spring Nails

Split Spring Nail Design - purple and nude nails
Instagram / @elina.nails

To get a beautiful spring manicure, apply a color of your choice to your nails. Whether you have long, spiky nails or are looking for a simple nail design for the office, this color combination can work for you. Start with a clear base coat and two colors. Then, use nail tape to create negative space. Change the colors on each nail for different looks. Finally, try adding a silver stripe at the border of the division of colors.

Ombre Spring Nail Ideas

Ombre Spring Nails Design Ideas
Instagram / @gabbysnailart

Ombre nails became one of the best trendy nail designs a few years ago and did not lose popularity. It only requires a few pieces of items, and you’re ready to achieve it. These ombre nails would be perfect for any lady who wants to do something different but straightforward with her nails.

To create this ombre look, you should select a base color of white, one tone lighter than the top layer of your nails. Once you have completed the base color, you can apply the reddish-pink on top of the nail.

Nude Spring Nails with Gold Outlines

Nude Spring Nails with Gold Outlines
Instagram / @elina.nails

This trend is all about simple nail design and a new neutral shade with just a hint of gold. It looks gorgeous on any skin tone and pairs well with a white or light pink outfit. It’s an easy way to add a dash of sparkle without overdoing it.

Nude colors are a great way to capture the sweetness and fun of spring. Of course, you can always go for a neutral color to keep your nails looking feminine and young. Studs add an elegant touch to this look. 

Pale Spring Nails with Rhinestone Accent

Pale Spring Nails Design with Rhinestone Accent
Instagram / @elina.nails

For a pretty transition from winter to spring, try nail art with pale purple polish. This color is a popular shade for spring, and you can use it as a base to create an almond shape. 

To get started, create a pale base with your favorite shade of light purple polish. Next, use a nail file to create an almond shape at the bottom of your nails. Finally, coat your nails with clear polish and finish with a rhinestone accent to finish off this look. For added bling, try a pale lavender or soft blue shade. Bright white and crystal accents are also a great combination! 

Spring Nails with Sparkly Tips

Spring Acrylic Nail Design with Natural and Sparkly Tips
Instagram / @nailsbymh

If you love sparkly tips and natural colors, you’ll want to wear them this season. Then, apply a top coat of clear nail polish to your nails.

 And if you’re looking for something more daring, try glitter-filled French tips or solid nails!

This design is fun and a great way to add a little glam to your everyday look! You can also try a yin-yang design by alternating two hues. For an extra-cute spring look, try a bright red and a pale green accent nail.

Milky White and Wild Spring Nails Design

Milky White and Wild Spring Nails Ideas
Instagram / @gabbysnailart

A milky white manicure will be perfect for springtime, as this color is both feminine and romantic. Choose from a short square shape or an oval-shaped modified shape as a nod to this traditional look. While this look is not for everyone, you can opt for this design to stand out from the crowd if you’re celebrating Easter with friends. 

 While it’s best to get professional help to achieve this look, you can re-use it all season long! This shade is also perfect for those who love to give off a clean girl vibe.

French Spring Nails with Foil Tips

Blush French Spring Nail Design Ideas with Foil Tips
Instagram / @elina.nails

The most popular trend for spring is pale shades, and one of the most beautiful tones is pale blush. This color goes with all different nail shapes and lengths and looks fantastic with almost every type of nail art. Nail art in pale polish can be intricate and straightforward, and abstract shapes in this shade can add a funky finish. Foil tips can be a stylish way to add some regal to your manicure.

You can keep it simple with a silver foil tip or go for a more detailed look with various shapes. For example, it is possible to create a simple gold manicure with a small layer of foil and an intricate design in a contrasting color.

Pale Fuchsia with Rhinestone Accent

Pastel Pale Pink Spring Nail Design with Rhinestone Accent
Instagram / @elina.nails

For springtime elegance, a manicure in pale fuchsia with a rhinestone accent is a perfect choice. This pink polish is neutral and works well with various other colors and nail designs. Attach diamonds to your accented ring finger for a sophisticated manicure. A simple touch of diamonds will add sparkle and fun to your look. These nails are perfect for weddings or formal events.

Nude and Shimmering Spring Nails Art

Nude and Shimmering Spring Nails Art
Instagram / @gabbysnailart

A nude and shimmering nail design looks stylish and chicky! Light rose color paired with a glossy finish gives you a soft yet stunning look. The peach accented bare design also adds some extra beauty to your hands. This nail design is easy to apply and is perfect for everyday wear as well as special occasions! Simply choose the suitable glitter and apply them to your nails!

Marbled Spring Nails

Marbled Spring Nails Ideas
Instagram / @gabbysnailart

These gorgeous marbled nail designs are all the rage. They’re an attractive choice for special events like date night. And best of all, they’re so easy to create that you can even try them out at home! So whether you want to create a full marble design on all your nails or just a few, you can find the supplies you need to get started on your project. 

To achieve a perfect marble effect, start by applying a white base coat. Then, add a layer of polish every few hours to prevent your nails from drying out. It would be best to end up with lopsided circles of color in the water. It takes time to complete the look, but it’s worth it for the stunning results! 

Short Green Spring Nails

Short Green Spring Nail Design
Instagram / @jinsoonchoi

Green nails are an easy way to incorporate a splash of color into your style. This spring-like color is fresh and reminiscent of the new life that comes with spring. A simple green manicure looks great on any finger shape, including the short varieties. Try a green manicure with flowers to add an extra touch of sunny style! 

For a more creative look, you can try a swirly green design. This design requires three different shades of green nail polish. You’ll also need a swirly nail art brush.

Spring Nails with Zodiac Patterns

Spring Nail Ideas with Zodiac Patterns
Instagram / @jinsoonchoi

There are so many options for spring nails, but how do you decide which design to choose? Whether you’re looking for a new spring wardrobe or a fresh way to show off your zodiac sign, you’ll find the perfect color combination for your nails. 

In the season’s spirit, a spring manicure will set the mood for the season and your style. This season’s soft, dreamy style and nail art will make you feel like a ’90s girl. And you can’t go wrong with a girly, ’90s-inspired manicure!

Starry Spring Nails Art

Starry Spring Nails Art
Instagram / @nailsbymh

Start by adding nude nail polish to your toothbrush and lightly sprinkling it on your fingernail. Top it off with top coat for a cleaner manicure look. To add a unique and fancy look to your nails, you can apply gold stars. Use them for an everyday look or as party wear on your fingertips. These are in style this spring and will definitely catch the attention of your friends and colleagues.

Cute Spring Nails Design

Cute Acrylic Spring Nails Design
Instagram / @ohnoitsruthio

If you’re looking for the perfect nail design to wear to any spring event, there are several ways to create a cute spring nail design. For example, you can paint your nails in the same hue as the dress you’re wearing or combine colors to create a new design.

 This floral nail design is perfect for any occasion and will complement any clothing or makeup. It looks beautiful with a variety of nail art, including flowers. A daisy is a classic flower that blossoms in the spring. You can paint the branches of your nails the same color as the flower.  

Turquoise Spring Nails

Turquoise Spring Nail Design
Instagram / @nailsbymh

This season’s trend is all about bright colors, and a bold like turquoise is perfect for this season. A bright turquoise color like this will add warm beauty to any look. So whether you’re looking for a nail design that is simple, elegant, or sophisticated, the vibrant colors will instantly brighten up any outfit.

Add some silver or gold sparkles to make your turquoise nail polish look more festive. Alternatively, you can combine turquoise with pale pink nail polish for an even more stunning look. 

Pink and White Manicure with Butterfly Accents

Spring Nail Design - Pink and White Manicure with Butterfly Accents
Instagram / @nailz_ann

A pink and white manicure with butterfly accents is fun to dress up your nails. Butterfly accents can be used on any nail color and add a whimsical touch to your manicure. If you want to keep the color scheme simple, consider using pink butterflies instead of rhinestones. Alternatively, opt for butterfly nail art on your ring finger if you prefer to go all out.

Floral Spring Nails

Floral  Green Spring Nail Design
Instagram / @redheadnails

The cold months can leave you feeling drab and stuck in a rut, so why not try floral nail designs? Whether you prefer pastel shades or bolder designs, a flower nail design is for you. Then, pick the perfect color for your nails and get creative! Creating a gorgeous floral spring manicure is easy, even if you’re not an experienced nail artist.

Green is a color that symbolizes growth and renewal, and springtime is the perfect time for a floral manicure! To achieve this look, start by choosing a base coat color in a muted shade of green. Then, add a few sparkly dots around the flowers. 

Short Coffin Spring Nails

Short Coffin Spring Nails Design
Instagram / @sweetlybuffed

Do you want a stylish look this spring? Try some short coffin spring nails to brighten your mood and give your nails a unique look. Glitter accents look great on coffin nails and will match your outfit.

This design is perfect for parties, weddings, or any special event that demands elegance and class. Moreover, you can choose a shade that reflects your personality and adds a little fun to your look.

Coffin Daisy Spring Nails

Coffin Daisy acrylic nails for spring
Instagram / @qualitynailsspa

Get ready to show off your spring nails with Coffin Daisy Spring Nails this season. This delicate nail design is still a favorite among fashionistas. Yellow is a popular choice for spring, as it represents femininity and youth.

Whether you’re going for a coffin-shaped look or a traditional French manicure, these pastel-hued flowers will give you a look that will match your spring wardrobe perfectly.

Bright Pink Spring Nails Art

Bright Pink Spring Nails Art
Instagram / @gabbysnailart

Oval Nails with Stars

Spring Nail Design - Oval Nails with Stars
Instagram / @ohnoitsruthio

Spring Nails with Colorful Tips

Spring Nail Design with Colorful Tips
Instagram / @orlandonaildesigns

Light Violet and Sparkly Accent

Spring Nail Design - Light Violet Nails and Sparkly Accent
Instagram / @posh_nails_sara

Fuchsia Spring Nails with Studs

Fuchsia Spring Nails with Studs
Instagram / @redheadnails

Playful Spring Nails

Playful Spring Nail Design
Instagram / @orlandonaildesigns

Shimmering Spring Nails

Shimmering Pastel Spring Nail Design
Instagram / @posh_nails_sara

Spring Nails with White and Darks Stripes

Spring Nails with White Pink and Darks Stripes
Instagram / @jinsoonchoi

White and Nude Nails Design

White and Nude Spring Nail Design
Instagram / @orlandonaildesigns

Negative Base and Yellow Tips

Spring Nail Design - Negative Base and Yellow Tips
Instagram / @orlandonaildesigns

Spring Nails with Rose Patterns

Spring Nails Design with Rose Patterns
Instagram / @redheadnails

Inspired by Rainbow

Spring Nail Rainbow Design
Instagram / @redheadnails

Gradient Spring Nails

Gradient Spring Nail Design
Instagram / @redheadnails

French Mani with Sky Blue Tips

Spring Nail Design - French Mani with Sky Blue Tips
Instagram / @sophieivanoff

French Nails with white Tips

Spring Nail Design - French Nails with white Tips
Instagram / @sophieivanoff

Nude Nails and Black Stripes

Spring Nail Design - Nude Nails and Black Stripes
Instagram / @sophieivanoff

Tiny Spring Nails and Colorful Dots

Tiny Spring Nails and Colorful Dots
Instagram / @sophieivanoff_77

Elegant Spring Nails with Gemstone Accents

Elegant Spring Nails Design with Gemstone Accents
Instagram / @vo.tino

Coffin Spring Nails with Rhinestones

Coffin Spring Nails with Rhinestones
Instagram / @vo.tino

Short Aqua Blue Nails

Spring Nails Design - Short Aqua Blue Nails
Instagram / @vo.tino

Nude and Bright Colors

Spring Nail Design - Nails with Nude and Bright Colors
Instagram / @zack_pn

Sparkly Spring Nails

Sparkly Spring Nail Design
Instagram / @zack_pn

Ultra Bold Spring Nails

Ultra Bold Spring Nail Design
Instagram / @zack_pn

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