40 Best Halloween Nail Ideas

Halloween Nails

Looking for a festive way to dress up your Halloween nails? These designs will surely get you in the spirit, from spiders and webs to witches and pumpkins. Whether you’re dressing up as a zombie, vampire, or other undead creature, these nails will complete your look. Plus, acrylic nails are easy to apply and remove, making them an excellent option for those who want to change their look often. With so many options, you’re sure to find a look that’s perfect for you. Check out some of the best Halloween nail designs below.

Bones Candle and Tomb

Show your Halloween spirit with these easy-to-use acrylic nails that feature bone, tombstone, and candle patterns. As a bonus, you can also include embellishment details that include fabric, ribbon, rhinestones, and more to design your custom look.

 Halloween Nails withBones Candle and Tomb
Credit: @ohnoitsruthio

Burgundy Ombre Nail Designs

A burgundy and black ombre nail is a perfect way to add a splash of color to your nails. It’s not too dramatic but still adds a pretty gothic style to your nails.

Halloween Nails Aesthetic Goth Nails
Credit: @margaritasnailz

Spiderweb, Pumpkin and Glitter Accent

Consider trying a spider web and pumpkin art if you’re looking for some great Halloween nail designs. A matte black and gold glitter accents add more sophistication. These are spooky yet cute and will be sure to make your friends think you’re a professional stylist.

Spiderweb Halloween Nails
Credit: @nail_designsjourna

Colorful Nail Design with Pumpkins

This Halloween-inspired nail design is a fun and simple way to get into the Halloween spirit. You can choose from various pumpkin nail polish colors, from light teal and dark orange to nude and yellow. In addition, paint gold stripes and become your nails more stylish.

Colorfull Halloween Nails Design with Pumpkins
Credit: @nailsbybeff

Red Metalic Nails

The classic red nail design packs a punch with bright red and high gloss. This mani takes advantage of the short coffin acrylic nail trend. The Metallic red is best for accentuation. Ideal for any party, however, this marvelous red mani will go perfectly with the Halloween outfit. Try out this fabulous polish and make a statement to create an incredible impact.

Red Metalic Halloween Nails
Credit: @margaritasnailz

Dark and Colorful Acrylic Nails

Black and colorful combined nail polish are strange contrast. This mani is simple though quite attractive for this party.

Dark and Colorful Acrylic Halloween Nails
Credit: @nailsby_edith

Spiky Ball Stilleto nails

Whether you want to add a pop of color to your manicure or keep your nail art simple, the Spiky Ball nail design is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween! This fun and strange design feature various angles, so you can add Halloween details as you like.

Spiky Ball Stilleto Halloween Nails
Credit: @margaritasnailz

Skull and White Stripes

These nail designs are easy to create and don’t require nail-art skills. Simply paint your nails black, draw white stripes, paint the skulls on your ring finger, and add googly eyes.

Halloween Nails with Skull and White Stripes
Credit: @nailsbybeff

Flame Paint and Glitter Nail Design

This is a beautiful mani that is both creative and simple. The blue nails complement the nude, as they bring out their color nicely without making them too dark or dull, as most other nail colors can sometimes do on their own! You could also add some glitter to look fantastic at this party.

Acrylic Halloween Nails
Credit: @nailsbykatrins

Orange with Dark Debris

Opt for orange with dark debris if you want a fun and bold design for your nails. Once you’ve painted on the background, you can use a blow dryer to speed the drying process, then add black debris to start the effect of unusual skin.

Halloween Nails with Orange with Dark Debris
Credit: @nailsrnd

Adams Family Acrylic Nails

Wear your favorite Addams Family print nail art for Halloween, and you’re sure to get a lot of comments. To create the look of blood on your nails, you’ll need a polish with a dark red base and black tips. This will make a sharp point on the nail, allowing glittery faux blood on the cuticles. So you will be attractive as Morticia Addams.

Adams Family Acrylic Halloween Nails
Credit: @nailsby_edith

Inspired by Pumpkin Color

Now consider a simple but stunning nail art design inspired by pumpkin colors suitable for the upcoming holiday. If this design is boring for you, add any details from the horror movies, including Frankenstein, witchers, vampires, bats, and other evil characters on your nails.

Cute Dip Powder Halloween Nail Ideas
Credit: @nailsrnd

Dark Teal Glitter Nails

A dark teal manicure is an attractive way to complement any horrific outfit. For a more glamorous look, you can try a long, stiletto-length shimmering design with a teal ombre.

Short Halloween Nails
Credit: @nailsrnd

Orange Metallic Halloween Nails

Metallic nails are a new range and a popular choice for many reasons. Adding a dash of orange to your manicure can instantly give your outfit a pop of color.

Orange Metallic Halloween Nails
Credit: @nailsrnd

Pink and Orange Ombre Mani

Its soft color blend is associated with youth and tranquility. The ombre effect makes lilac nails look more exciting and makes it possible to make a statement without any decorations.

Pink and Orange Ombre Halloween Nails
Credit: @nailz_ann.indigo_

Halloween Nails with Stitches and Negative Spaces

For a creepy Halloween look, try a design with stitches. This mani also comes with a mummy print, giving more fun and distinctive look to your nails. The natural white french tips allow you to use the nail art directly.

Halloween Nails with Stitches and Negative Spaces
Credit: @nailsby_edith

Dark Polish Stiletto Nails Design

This style will make your nails appear more prominent and will make you appear taller. If you have a high-heeled shoe, you may want to consider wearing a ring or a gemstone as a nail decoration. You can choose blood splatter nail art if you’re looking for a more creepy design.

Edgy Stiletto Halloween Nail Designs
Credit: @nailsrnd

Scary Characters Print Halloween Nails

What’s more mysterious than a nail design with the face of your favorite horror character? A Halloween nail design featuring a fictional character’s face or a pair of eyepopping ghosts turns nails into little works of art.

Scary Character Halloween Nails
Credit: @ohnoitsruthio

Skeleton and Monster Halloween Nail Art Design

These Halloween nails are decorated with a monster and skeleton art with a dark and glitter background, white teeth, and a purple tongue. The detail of the strange faces will give your nails that extra ghostly look to fear everyone at the party.

Skeleton and Monster Halloween Nails Art Design
Credit: @ohnoitsruthio

Pumpkins and Green leaves Nails Design

What could be better than pumpkins and leaves of cute, fun nail art? This set is perfect for any Halloween celebration. Apply these to your fingers and have the most beautiful nails!

Black and Green Halloween Nails
Credit: @ohnoitsruthio

Yoda Print Halloween Nails

For Star Wars fans, our Yoda Print Nails are the perfect nail art for your costume. At the background of each nail, paint it ombre royal blue. When it dries, use a thin paintbrush to paint a profile of Yoda onto the surface, you can also make frog accents. Use Yoda images from the Internet as a guide for a more accurate portrait.

Acrylic Halloween Nail Designs
Credit: @ohnoitsruthio

Chained Dark Nails for Halloween

The perfect way to add spookiness to your Halloween nails is to add the classic symbols of horror to your manicure. A skull with chains through it drawn on a base looks incredibly elegant. A glossy dark background is a perfect combination to create a fearsome mood.

Coffin Halloween Nail Designs
Credit: @orlandonaildesign

Scream and Spider Light Pink Halloween Nails

If you’re not sure whether you’re scared of spiders, a simple nail design featuring a Scream and sparkly spider is perfect for Halloween. The single studded spider with gemstone on your ring finger is a cute and awesome way to show off for this season.

Coffin Acrylic Halloween Nails
Credit: @qualitynailsspa

Halloween Nails with Bloody Alphabet Letters

Doing your nails with Bloody Alphabet Letters is an excellent way to express your creativity and create a gory effect.

Gothic Black and Red Halloween Nails
Credit: @orlandonaildesign

Dark Polish Nails with Rhinestone Accents

There is nothing more glamorous than dark polish nails with rhinestone accents. It’s an opportunity to express your individuality and showcase your inner beauty. Consider using Swarovski crystals to decorate your nails to add even more bling.

Halloween Color Halloween Nails
Credit: @posh_nails_sara

Halloween Inspired Nail design

When it comes to Halloween nail designs, a little bit of creativity and ingenuity can go a long way. All you need are a few different shades of bloody red and black with the help of transparent acrylic nail extensions.

Goth Halloween Nail Designs
Credit: @qualitynailsspa

Spiderweb and Ghost Halloween Nails Art

One of the best perfect solutions for spooky Halloween parties is spider webs or ghost art. The most common material for making this base style is light pink paint and much darker colors for drawings.

Acrylic Halloween Nails
Credit: @qualitynailsspa

Teal Nails with Dark Screams

You can’t go wrong with teal nails if you’re looking for a dark, eerie color to wear on your fingers. Screams are creepy, mysterious, and fun. Just make sure you keep your polish up to date and always use an appropriate topcoat.

Teal Halloween Nails with Dark Screams
Credit: @redheadnails

Bloody and Red Marble Halloween Nails Art

If you want to give your nails a festive look, bloody and red marble nail art is a great option. It looks fantastic, and the colors are so vivid and vibrant that they will surely get noticed. Add gruesome details with your enthusiasm for an even more frightening effect.

Bloody and Red Marble Halloween Nail Art
Credit: @qualitynailsspa

Bloody Tip Nails

You can easily create bloody nails by painting the tips a stunning red. It’s a great way to look frightening this Halloween without going overboard with ghoulish colors.

Bloody Tip Halloween Nails
Credit: @redheadnails

Nails with Strange Abstract Ornaments

The nails do not have to be painted in a particular order, and you can place the different designs in any direction you want. This way, you can be as creative as you want and still have a fantastic manicure!

Halloween Nails Abstract Ornaments
Credit: @redheadnails

Phosphorus Alien Halloween Nails Design

In the spirit of Halloween, you can try neon nail art. This elegant design is reminiscent of lightning striking on a foggy fall night.

Phosphorus Alien Halloween Nails Design
Credit: @redheadnails

Inspired by Nightmare Halloween Nails Art

The nightmare nails art theme is trendy for any girl. To make it even creepier, you can add fake blood to the nails instead of dark orange! This can give you room to experiment more with your imagination.

Inspired by Nightmares Halloween Nails Art
Credit: @vincentnails

Marble Nails Art for Halloween Nails

In the spirit of Halloween, you can try marble nail art. This elegant design is reminiscent of lightning striking on a foggy fall night. Decorate your nails with feminine and uniquely possible with this selfie-ready pattern.

Halloween Nails Design - Marble Nails Art for Halloween
Credit: @redheadnails

Devil Accented Halloween Nails Design

Add some edge to your look with these dark stiletto nails with a devil accent on the ring finger. Above the devil, the addition of the sparkling rhinestone makes this look elegant, flirty, and festive. Also, use a fake snake to add more dramatic flair to your nails.

Devil Accent Halloween Nail Design
Credit: @vincentnails

Halloween Nails with Scream and Bloody Accents

This frightening manicure features pastel pink with blood-red and scream accents. These looks are great for those who love horror movies but don’t want to go overboard.

Halloween Nails Design - Scream and Bloody Accents
Credit: @qualitynailsspa

Bloody Spiderweb and Spider Halloween Nails Art

If you’re tired of dull spider nails and want to try a more spooky design, consider bloody spiderwebs. These nail designs are perfect for a scary night out or to make a statement at this festival. Whether you’re looking for something simple or over the top, this idea will help you suddenly make a decision and pick it up.

Halloween Nails Design - Bloody Spiderweb and Spider
Credit: @redheadnails

Dark Forest Print Halloween Nails

This stunning nail features a dark forest print design and sparkling rhinestones on some fingers. These gorgeous scary nails seem glamorous, but it is difficult to do on your own. Therefore, visit a professional nail master to achieve the maximum result.

Dark Forest Print Halloween Nails
Credit: @vincentnails

Skull and Rose Halloween Nail Art Design

Use dark matte nail polish to cover all nails, then clear polish over the ring finger. Attach a decorative skull on the base and add jewels around it. From a 3D roses accent to glitter details, these manicures are so unique you’ll want to start planning your costumes around them.

Skull and Rose Accent Halloween Nails Design
Credit: @vincentnails

Strange Women and Dark Forest Nails Art with Glitter Details

Consider the nail patch set with a print of two paintings with a strange woman’s face and a deep forest against a khaki sky. The mystical theme is perfect for anyone who enjoys the eerie side of this season, and it also makes a unique option for those who want something different than cute pumpkins and bats on their nails. Glitter your little index finger to complete the style!

Strange Women and Dark Forest Halloween Nail Art with Glitter Details
Credit: @vo.tino

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