40+ Best Flame Nail Designs to Glam Up Your Look

Flaming Nails

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to dress up your nails for a special occasion or want to try something new, check out these flame nail ideas! Nails with flames are a fun way to showcase your unique style; there are endless reasons to light up your next manicure with bright colors and playful graphics. With a bit of help from some tape and a steady hand, you can create looks that range from simple and chic to edgy and downright flashy.

The flame-like look has been all the rage lately, and we’re excited to bring it to you as part of our new nail collection. We’ve scoured Instagram for inspiration, found the most incredible nail artists, and sourced all the most excellent products for this look. So, read on for our top picks for flame nails! 

Milky White Flame Tips and Nude Base    

To create this design, use two different shades of white and clear nail polish. Then, draw white flames on the middle fingers, starting at the tip of your nail and going slightly in the middle. 

Something a little unexpected, this nail design is excellent for those days when you don’t have time for your usual mani-pedi. It looks best on nude nails but can also do on a baby blue or other color base. It gives off a flame effect and is easy to do in layers.

Milky White Flaming Tips and Nude Base
Instagram / @blushbabynz

Funny Art Nails Design

There’s no better way to make your manicure fun than cartoon nail art. Halloween nail art, for example, will grab some attention, and you can do it yourself at home with just a few tools and colors. First, pick out a variety of colors and a nail art tool. Once selected, apply a clear topcoat to protect them from chipping. Next, paint each nail a different color. Finally, attach stickers or draw these weird emojis. Make flame accents on the index fingers.

For more advanced designs, use a dotting tool and a thin brush to paint a design on each nail. Another fun option is to choose the name of your favorite cartoon character and paint it on.

Funny Art Flame Nails Design
Instagram / @freebrillant2

Flame Nails with Rhinestones

Celebrities often use this style, and they want to make an impact. Using rhinestones can create the perfect finishing touch on your nails. The following tips will help you create the look you want.

Choose your favorite color. In this case, opt for a bright white and sky blue for the tips. The color choice depends on the overall theme of your look, but the basic technique is easy enough for anyone to recreate. Choose a polish that matches your overall look, then add pearl dots to accentuate your mani.

Flame Nails Design with Rhinestones
Instagram / @slayedbymadiemay

Black Nails with Purple Flames

One of the most popular ways to wear purple on your nails is to paint flames. This look is perfect for those who want to show their inner beauty. They make for a bold statement or a subtle, calming effect. A black and purple pair is an excellent choice for the winter season. The design is effortless but great for special occasions or daily looks. 

Black Nails with Purple Flames
Instagram / @beautyby.eme

Black and White Flame Nails

The cutest way to add some edge to your look is with a black-and-white flame design. Black and white flames add a relaxed, attractive vibe. They represent the “cool girl” energy of punk rock. You can leave the base rest unpainted. Then use those hues plus a darker and lighter shade for the flames themselves.

All you need is a thin brush and your favorite nail polish color. We love this look because you don’t need to be a nail art master at creating it — use striping tape or a toothpick to create clean lines and an even eye.

Black and White Flame Nails Design
Instagram / @crybabynailss

Turquoise Glitter Flame Nails

Turquoise is the shiny polish for nail art, and you can achieve a beautiful look with glitters. It creates a glow yet subtle manicure. Apart from being an authentic gemstone’s color, it is considered a favorite color of women worldwide and is often used in jewelry and clothing. In addition, its color is often combined with gold and silver to create a marble effect. So whether you want to glam up your nails for the office or impress your girlfriends, a pair of sparkly turquoise glitter nail polishes are sure to make you stand out.

Turquoise Glitter Flame Nails Design
Instagram / @alwaysbepolished

Flame Nails with Chain Accents

The first step in this flame nail art is to use a striper brush and some acetone. Apply a thin line of acetone to the ring finger of your fingernail and draw chains or attach 3D stickers. Then you can paint the rest of the flames blue. Experts recommend using a dry brush dipped in a drop of acetone to add dimension.

For a more realistic flame, you can use gradient shading techniques. If you have a glossy black nail bed, use cloudly and navy blue colors on the top.

Flame Nails Design with Chain Accents
Instagram / @and__glow

Pink Ombre Flame Nails

If you’re a fan of romantic colors, then pink ombre nails are right up your alley. The combination of shades of pink can be subtle and dramatic, depending on your preferences. The bold pink pops against neutral clothing, and these are sure to be a crowd-pleaser wherever you go! For a fuchsia-pink and nude manicure, work wonderfully together. These colors evoke tropical getaways, exotic cocktails, and happy feelings.

Using white outlines on the flames. Your final color will cover mistakes, so you can relax and enjoy the look!

Pink Ombre Flame Nails Design
Instagram / @arinails_

Short Flame Nails with Interesting Graphics

If you feel adventurous, try abstract graphics for a short nail design. Go for a simple thunder, chessboard, or more intricate paintings, but remember to select the correct color combinations and shape to give your nails a distinctive look.

Flame Nails Design - Short Nails with Interesting Graphics
Instagram / @keelydoesnails

Striking Red Flames

It’s a great way to add a pop of color to your nails. Whether going for a Halloween party, you can make your nails look fantastic with this fun design. In just two easy steps, anyone can get attention-grabbing nails such as these: First, choose a base color for your nail bed, for example, nude. Then show your enthusiasm and draw red flames on the tips of your nails. Finish it with a top coat and show off your new design at the next party!

Flame Nails Design - Striking Red Flames
Instagram / @nails_bylaci

Flame Nails with Hearts

If you love the universe and want some designs that are easy to make and fashionable, this design is for you! These flaming nails with hearts are a great way to express your feelings of humanity. Start with a nude or clear base coat. Next, tie heart-shaped papers on the tip; draw black flames around the hearts. Create smile emojis accents on the ring finger to make them more fun!

Flame Nails with Hearts
Instagram / @allure.nails.louisville

Flame Nails with Smile Accent

These cute paintings look fantastic with an electric yellow. Use a decal to create flames if you’re not a natural artist. Once you have the basic design, add other decorative elements to your nails.

Flame Nails Design with Smile Accent
Instagram / @thenailroomllc_

Stiletto Flame Nails with Gemstones

On the base are drawings of flames with glossy black polish, the rest of the nail bed is painted with neon yellow, and the middle finger is garnished with gemstones. The entire look is stunning and can be worn with or without jewelry. So whether you wear stiletto-shaped nails or others, these designs will make you look like the queen of the party. 

P.S It is advisable to turn to professional manicurists to create this look, as it is pretty challenging to complete.

Stiletto Flame Nails Design with Gemstones
Instagram / @lust.your.nails_

Matte Black and Neon Green Flames

Nails with neon green flames are an extremely bright and fun color perfect for Halloween and any special event. This style is best suited to nail art that is simple yet eye-catching. 

These matte black bases are perfect for an outer space-inspired look! This style is simple to recreate at home and is ideal for every girl looking to add a bold new look to her nails. If you’re not a nail artist, don’t let the lack of experience turn you off from these trendy colors!

Black Flame Nails
Instagram / @kevinnailstech

Powerpuff Girl Accented Flame Nail

Flame Nails Design - Powerpuff Girl Accented Nail
Instagram / @ebebeautyboutique

Silver Glitter Flames

Flame Nails Design - Silver Glitter Flames
Instagram / @nailcontact

Playful Nails Art

Flame Nails Design - Playful Nails Art
Instagram / @mariposa.nailsxo

Flame Nails Design with Red Base

Flame Nails Design with Red Base
Instagram / @malandra_nails

Coffin Nails with Golden Flames

Coffin Nails with Golden Flames
Instagram / @nail.intentions

Mismatch Flame Nails

Mismatch Nails
Instagram / @keelydoesnails

Feminine Pink Nails with Black Flames

Flame Nails Design - Feminine Pink Nails with Black Flames
Instagram / @nailsby_baylee

Orange Tips and Black Flames

Flame Nails Design - Orange Tips and Black Flames
Instagram / @daisysnailgarden

Neon Yellow Flame Tips

Flame Nails Design - Neon Yellow Flame Tips
Instagram / @_laura.artpage_

Orange Flame Nails with Glitter Accents

Orange Flame Nails Design with Glitter Accents
Instagram / @nailsbyhannamari

Aesthetic Flame Nails

Pink and Black Aesthetic Flame Nails Design
Instagram / @nailsbyilianaa
Flame Acrylic Nails  Design Blue Flame Nails
Instagram / @nails.by.hayls

French Flame Nails

Red and Blue French Flame Nails
Instagram / @nailsby__mk

Matte Black and Red Stiletto Flame Nails

Flame Nails Design - Matte Black and Red Stiletto Nails
Instagram / @nailz.by.juju

Fiery Nails and Mate Black Base

Flame Nails Design - Fiery nails and Mate Black Base
Instagram / @paintedlady.beauty

Colorful Flames

Flame Nails Design - Rainbow Colorful Flames
Instagram / @oasis_gel

Blush Base and Bright Purple Flames

Flame Nails Design - Blush Base and Bright Purple Flames
Instagram / @polishedxale

Short Nails with Flame Accents

Black Short Nails with Flame Accents
Instagram / @naughty.nails

Ghost and Flame Funny Art

Flame Nails Design - Ghost and Flame Funny Art
Instagram / @camilles_nail_design

Long Flame Nails

Long Flaming Nails
Instagram / @peachypressonnails

Purple Glitter and Dark Flames

Flame Nails Design - Purple Glitter and Dark Flames
Instagram / @regalnails_keswick

Mismatch Colorful Flame Nails

Mismatch Colorful Flaming Nails
Instagram / @poppynails.ar

Flame Nails with Neon Green Tips

Flame Nails Design with Neon Green Tips
Instagram / @purebeauty.bybianca

Oval Nails with Foil Flames

Flame Nails Design - Oval Nails with Foil Flames
Instagram / @nailtrixcliftonpark

Nude Base and Glitter Accents

Flame Nails Design - Pretty French Tips
Instagram / @queenvnails_

Pretty French Tips

Pretty French Tips
Instagram / @__madibeauty_

Nude and 3D Flames

Nude and 3D Flames
Instagram / @__nailsbydrea

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