40+ Eye-Catching Fall Nail Designs You’ll Want to Copy

Fall Nails

As the leaves change color and the weather starts to get cooler, it’s time to start thinking about your fall nails. Try something new with your nails this season and experiment with different nail ideas. From dark polishes to fun designs, there are plenty of options to choose from. So take a look at these ideas and get inspired for your next mani! Whether you’re looking for a festive look or something more subtle, there are plenty of options. 

 Don’t be afraid to use yellow, orange, and red colors. Stripes complement the fall vibe well, so try using a thin striping brush and applying thin lines to each nail. For more fun, try decorating with some sequins for that extra sparkle. The options are endless, so get creative.

Step outside of the box again this fall season with some daring and natural nail designs. Go goth with spider webs and lace, go glam with shiny black nails, or try watercolored fall leaves. Take your style to another level. So take a look at these ideas and get inspired for your next mani. Here are some of our favorites!

Maroon Coffin Fall Nails

Maroon Coffin Fall Nails Design
Instagram / @posh_nails_sara

Getting trendy this fall is easy with maroon nails. You can choose from the traditional maroon color or try a glitter ombre design with gold stripe accents. Either way, you’ll look chic and ready to go! This fall nail trend is also easy to recreate. You can choose any color that complements your wardrobe! So whether you want to wear your nails with a red lip or a dark blue dress, a coffin-shaped nail design is perfect for you!

A deep burgundy is a gorgeous color for the fall season, and you can get away with short or long coffin nails. To make these nails pop, use a thick layer of nail polish to make them look vivid. 

Fall Nails with Burgundy and Deep Blue

Fall Nails Design - Burgundy and Deep Blue Nails
Instagram / @nailz_ann

If you’re a fan of the warm, romantic hues of the fall season, consider wearing a dark burgundy nail color, and try gold glitter details, like the above picture. The gold ornaments will add a bit of glamor to your nail polish. The possibilities for fall nail art are endless! These shades of deep burgundy and navy blue work well to create a dramatic look.

It can look great on any nail shape, and it’s easy to achieve with a nail stencil. It’s the perfect way to start your autumn day! You can even choose your favorite colors and add embellishments, and wear them with anything, from jeans to a tuxedo.

Cute Nails with Fall Colors

Fall Nails Design - Cute Nails with Fall Colors
Instagram / @kt_tk1

You can’t go wrong with fall nail colors! The rich colors of the season will make your nails pop. From vibrant mustard to deep moss green, you’ll look amazing this season. The colors of fall nail polish are reminiscent of the changing leaves of autumn, making this look a must-try.

Whether your nails are long or short, you’ll love this seasonal change in color. Try a gorgeous shade of teal and fall leaves colors for the ultimate autumn look. It looks great on short nails and is the perfect way to start your autumn day. A beautiful shade of orange is always a welcome change of color, and the burgundy shade by Essie stands out from the crowd. It is a fun way to break the monotony of fall nails and add a touch of sophistication to any event.

Fall Nails with Matte Yellow, Black and Cells

Fall Nails Design -  Nails with Matte Yellow, Black and Cells
Instagram / @nailsbykatrins

Do you want to look elegant this autumn? You can opt for your nails in matte black and yellow. Paint the first fingernail with black nail varnish and the rest with yellow. For a more dazzling look, you can also add cells on the middle and ring finger. Yellow goes great with black, so you can wear a pair of black and white pumps to complete your look.

If you’re looking for a color that transitions from summer to fall without being too garish, opt for a solid teal. This neutral will make your manicure stand out and contrast nicely with your September outfits. 

Negative Base and Fall Colored Tips

Fall Nails Design - Nails with Negative Base and Fall Colored Tips
Instagram / @overglowedit

This season, the fall nail trend is to use negative space to create a unique look. Negative base and fall-colored tips work well together because they add visual interest without the need for crazy nail art. To make this look, you should first file your nails to achieve the desired shape. Next, use a clear nail base and fall colors on the tips. Finally, apply a thin coat of nail polish over the clear base.

Matte Teal and Holo Accent

Fall Nails Design - Matte Teal Nails and Holo Accent
Instagram / @nailsbybeff

 This gorgeous pair of nail polishes look fabulous together and perfect for your autumn wardrobe. They are a beautiful combination of colors, but they’re also cruelty-free and vegan. So regardless of your taste, you’re sure to find something that works well with this combination.

Grey and Daisy Fall Nails

Grey and Daisy Fall Nails Design
Instagram / @lucete_nailart

With the beautiful autumn art, grey and daisy fall nails can be a great way to show your fall spirit. This color scheme is ideal for a feminine manicure and will be a refreshing twist on flower art. Grey and daisy fall nails are reminiscent of the 1990s – a time that was a favorite decade for beauty and fashion.

This simple yet elegant nail design features white daisies with an artsy touch. The entire procedure is finished with a glossy top coat. This design is also available in a dazzling range of colors, so try several to find your favorite. 

Colorful Fall Nails

Colorful Fall Nails Design
Instagram / @evemeetsnails

During the fall season, one of the best times to use pastel colors to decorate your nails. Fall colors range from rich moss green to pastel yellow. You can use your creativity to choose a color that fits your style. To get the perfect fall manicure, use the ombre technique and tricks! Then, you’ll be ready to go out and conquer the day!

Cloudly tones of blue are uniquely posh and feminine and will add an air of sophistication to your look. Just make sure that you select a shade that compliments your skin tone and outfit! 

Navy Blue Short Fall Nails Design
Instagram / @betina_goldstein

Navy blue is an excellent shade for the holiday season and great for formal parties. You can get a glossy nail polish in navy blue and apply a clear top coat to make it look more stylish. Alternatively, you can go for an icy blue nail look that screams winter. This type of nail is a statement and may not suit all women, but it looks gorgeous on those who do.

You can also opt for a French manicure in navy blue. This color is beautiful and can go well with natural nails. However, it is best suited to women who want their nails to appear shorter than long. In this case, it would look good on you if you wore it right. A light blue polish with a hint of orange around the swirl pattern would be better. 

Tangerine Fall Nails Art

Fall Nails Design - Tangerine Fall Nails Art
Instagram / @betina_goldstein

This warm autumnal shade will brighten your face and your fingers and is perfect for watching the sunset, going on a date, or just going out to dinner with your friends. The patented formula of this tangerine polish makes it easy to remove after work.

Tangerine is a shiny, contrasting color that looks fantastic with hot outfits. However, if you have a tangerine-colored dress, you could wear it with black tights and a gold belt.

Black Ombre Fall Nails

Black Ombre Fall Nails Design
Instagram / @kt_tk1

This ombre design looks fantastic on long or short nails. You can also choose a clear base color and start the gradient with actual black nail polish. It will then gradually fade into a neutral or ultra nude color. And you can even go with a dark red accent nail to give your nails that edgy look! These nail designs are perfect for the cold weather months and look great with your favorite black outfit!

If you want to get this look at home, you’ll need a base coat and a couple of layers of polish. Once the top coat is on, you can paint on the second shade of the ombre design.

Orange Nails with Studs

Fall Nails Design - Orange Nails with Studs
Instagram / @nailz_ann

If you want your fingernails to stand out, consider having Orange Nails with Studs. This beautiful shade of orange has become a popular fashion choice for many women. They look stunning in any setting and will instantly boost your confidence. The technique is easy and takes just a few minutes. Just make sure you choose a nail style that is easy to maintain and looks fabulous on your hands and feet. 

Start with a base color of orange nail polish. You can also choose a lighter or darker shade. When you’ve decided on the base color, try attaching studs on each nail. If you’re unsure of your skill level, you can also try out different fonts on a few of your fingers to determine which one looks best with your nails.

Short Coffin Nails with Glitter Accent

Fall Nails Design - Short Coffin Nails with Glitter Accent
Instagram / @nailsbybeff

The coffin nails are perfect for autumn and winter. It features an attractive mix of light grey and gold foil polish and an engraved bottle opener on the lid. Remember to avoid an acetone-based remover, as it will crack the polish’s surface.

Matte Grey and Bright Pink Fall Nails

Matte Grey and Bright Pink Fall Nails Design
Instagram / @nailsbykatrins

If you’re ready to add a fall touch to your fingernails, try a matte grey and bright pink combination. These two colors are equally sexy and can be blended together to create a masterpiece. If you’d rather wear something less dramatic, you can use a matte grey nail polish instead of a shiny one. A matte finish adds a superb, textured finish to your nails.

Fall Nails with Clover Print

Fall Nails Design -  Nails with Clover Print
Instagram / @kt_tk1

Try Autumn-themed nail designs if you’re tired of your plain, boring fall mani. Fall nails inspired by clover are fun to show off your autumnal style. 

Deep Red Fall Nails

Deep Red Fall Nails Design
Instagram / @posh_nails_sara

The rich hue of a deep red with glossy finish undertones exudes late autumn vibes. This nail color is ideal for those with neutral skin tones. You can also try the red glitter polish Essie Knotty or Nice for extra glamour. This nail polish will definitely make you feel like a diva. And who can blame you if you don’t want to feel like a Barbie doll with her nails?

Fall Nails with Pastel Colors

Fall Nails Design with Pastel Colors
Instagram / @styles_ii_envy

Pastels are usually associated with spring, not fall, but fall 2019 nail trends heavily lean towards them. These stunning shades of fall nail color are a welcome change from the dark, drab shades of the season. 

Fuchsia is the epitome of glamour and evokes images of an orchid corsage. It revitalizes the nails and makes you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation.

A rich mustard yellow is not too harsh and can quickly wear as a neutral. A Bordeaux-colored shade is another popular fall nail color, and two quick coats will provide a matte and pastel finish. 

Negative Space and Black Tips

Fall Nails with Negative Space and Black Tips
Instagram / @paintboxnails

Fall Nails with Green, Orange and Gilded Accents

Fall Nails Design with Green, Orange and Gilded Accents
Instagram / @nailsbybeff

Shimmering Fall nails

Shimmering Fall Nails Design
Instagram / @ohnoitsruthio

Almond Fall Nails

Almond Fall Nails Design
Instagram / @polygelbykat

Fall Nails with Plaid and 3D Ornament

Fall Nails Design with Plaid and 3D Ornament
Instagram / @orlandonaildesigns

Golden Fall Nails

Golden Fall Nails
Instagram / @betina_goldstein

Glossy Fall Nails

Glossy Fall Nails
Instagram / @nailz_ann

Deep Brown Fall Nails

Deep Brown Fall Nails
Instagram / @sophieivanoff

Hot Purple and Rhinestone

Fall Nails with Hot Purple and Rhinestone
Instagram / @lieve91

Turquoise Fall Nails

Fall Nails Design - Turquoise Fall Nails Design
Instagram / @__magicnails

Deep Teal Almond Nails

Deep Green Almond Nails
Instagram / @overglowedit

Sky Blue Fall Nails

Sky Blue Cute Fall Nails Design
Instagram / @lieve91

Fall Nails with Deep Maroon, Yellow and Golden Foil

Fall Nails Design Deep Maroon, Yellow and Golden Foil Nails
Instagram / @sweetlybuffed

Negative Space and Fall Colors

Fall Nails Design - Negative Space and Fall nails Colors
Instagram / @majestyspleasure

Deep Purple, White and Light Pink

Fall Nails Design - Deep Purple, White and Light Pink Nails
Instagram / @nailz_ann

Glittery Fall Nails

Glittery Fall Nails Design
Instagram / @overglowedit

Pretty Nails with Stars and Studs

Fall Nails Design - Pretty Nails with Stars
Instagram / @overglowedit

Fall Nails with Wavy Stripes

Fall Nails Design - Nails with Wavy Stripes
Instagram / @overglowedit

Fall Nails with Purple Shades

Fall Nails Design - Nails with Purple Shades
Instagram / @overglowedit

Deep Orange and Golden Details

Fall Nails Design - Nails with Deep Orange and Golden Details
Instagram / @paintboxnails_

Cloudy Blue and Brown Shades

Fall Nails Design - Nails with Cloudy Blue and Brown Shades
Instagram / @paintboxnails

Dark Fall Nails Design

Dark Fall Nails Design
Instagram / @paintedbyjools_

Feminine Fall Nails

Feminine Fall Nails
Instagram / @posh_nails_sara

Long Coffin Fall Nails

Long Coffin Fall Nails Design
Instagram / @posh_nails_sara

Half Moon and Stars Print

Fall Nails Design - Nails with Half Moon and Stars Print
Instagram / @sammiis_nailsss

Matte Brown Fall Nails

Matte Brown Fall Nails
Instagram / @sophieivanoff

Tiny and Green Fall Nails

Tiny and Green Fall Nails Design
Instagram / @sophieivanoff

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